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The 11 Mantras of Investing

1. I will check the fundamentals of a company before investing.
2. I will sit on cash just before any major event or result season.
3. I will differentiate investment buying from trading.
4. I will believe that all good things come to an end.
5. I will buy in when panic grips the market.
6. I will only trade with strict stop-loss.
7. I will not keep more than five stocks in any portfolio.
8. I will not be greedy, but book profits periodically.
9. I will not invest on a 'TIP' as it turns into a 'PIT'.
10. I will not buy at lower levels to make averages.
11. I will not over trade in the futures market.

Intelligent are those who learn from the mistakes of others;
while fools don't even learn from their own mistakes.