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Sri Visalakshi Kalasalai Higher Secondary School, A.Thekkur

Sri Visalakshi Kalasalai Higher Secondary School, A.Thekkur
The School Emblem

The Sri Visalakshi Kalasalai Higher Secondary School was founded on Thursday, the 10th of July, 1947 (a little more than a month before India gained independance), Tamil date Sarvasindhu Year Aani Month 26th day by Kalai Thanthai KARUMUTTU THIAGARAJAR CHETTIAR in memory of his wife Annai Thirumathi VISALAKSHI ACHI, whom he had just lost a few months earlier - his Taj Mahal of learning to this small hamlet Athikkadu Thekkur close to the Temple city of Madurai, in the State of TamilNadu in South India. He also founded The Bank of Madura Limited, last chaired by his late grandson, Dr. K.M.Thyagarajan who sold his stake and merged it with ICICI Bank. The New School Building was opened on 15th April, 1959 by none other than the then Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru. The school was looked after by the founder's sons Karumuttu T.Sundaram Chettiar (my maternal grandfather) and Karumuttu T.Manickavasagam Chettiar and then by his grandson Manicka Ramasamy (LOYAL TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED). Thiru Karumuttu T.S.Sethu, the founder's grandson now looks after the school ably assisted by the current Head Master Mr.Asokan. On 16th February, 1997, this school celebrated its 50th year of existence - Golden Jubilee - Pon Vizha.

Visalakshi AchiPon Vizha

The last few years have been momentous for the school both academically with 100% passes in the 10th & 12th STD exams and otherwise with the school running off with quite a few sports & games prizes in the region. Computers have been introduced in the school a few years ago and is proving quite popular among the students. The Alumni of this school walk proud in every corner of the world. The Sri Sundara Vinayakar Temple on the school premises stands in quiet judgement as the years roll by on the philanthrophic nature of Karumuttu Thiagarajar Chettiar of Athikkadu Thekkur.

In the recently released State Board 2012 Plus Two (+2) results, one of the school's students, Kanaka, whose father is an agriculturist, secured the 2nd rank in the state in the Nursing subject. The news clipping can be viewed here.

The school's address:
Sri Visalakshi Kalasalai Higher Secondary School,
A.Thekkur - 630 201,
Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar District,
TamilNadu State, INDIA.

Head Master (Mr.Asokan) - HP: +91-9442318430
Computer Master (Mr.Muthuchonai) - HP: +91-9486612321
School EMail:

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