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Based on the criteria you have specified, appears to be the company that we would recommend to meet all of your web hosting needs. is and industry leader in the web hosting market, offering extremely competitive pricing, as well as unbeatable support and reliability. is one of the few web hosting companies that is available to you 24 hours a day to support your business on the Internet! This 24 hour a day support will save your business thousands of dollars in lost sales because they are always available to solve any problem you maybe having... even at 2am!

Important Note

Although the basic hosting package offered by is only $19.95 a month, in order to compete with the low-priced hosting solutions offered by other hosting companies, it does not give you some of the features you need to successfully start your business on the Internet. If you are serious about starting your business on the Internet we highly recommend the $39.00 a month package as it has everything you need to seriously grow your business including:

  • 25 autoresponder built in
  • 25 different email accounts to use for ad tracking and forwarding
  • Special security settings (Ability to have password protected directories)
  • Ability to upload real audio or video
  • Automatic daily backups (VERY important)
  • A security settings panel
  • Viral marketing tool
  • Real time chat solution
  • 10 GB of monthly data transfer
  • 100 MB Storage

... Plus many more critical features you just don't get in the $19 a month package.

Now, if you are a current web site owner looking to move from a web host you are not happy with and you have substantial traffic or need your own server, then you should definitely consider their higher end packages that have the features you need to support your already growing ebusiness.

I do not normally lend my name to too many companies on the Internet, but has proven to provide superior service and competitive prices that allow me the comfort of know they will provide my customers with the topnotch hosting services their businesses deserve.

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