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Learn Korean from Mr.Lee Woon Yong - only 24 Alphabets - smallest number of letters in a language. On 18th January, 2000 I had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Lee, a Diplomat heading the Korean Trade Office at Chennai, India and who is well versed in Hindi and passable Tamil besides being an expert in Indo-Korean studies. For further information, please contact Mr.Lee and visit his site.

My good friend S K Chua and his wife met Paul Glover of Ithaca, NJ, USA in December 2002. After reading Funny Money by David Boyle (wherein different types of money mostly non-government issued or controlled is discussed) and knowing Paul Glover's pioneering effort at issuing the Ithaca Hour currency note saving rural America from being bulldozed by chain stores and super markets - keeping liquidity where it belongs - I had requested Chua to meet him and the image linked herein is thanks to his effort. Ripple Currency is another nice means of alternate exchange.

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